New training centre

Date: 27.5.2014
Wavin Ekoplastik is proud to present the opening of a unique training centre in Rudeč u Prahy. The purpose of this project is to familiarise the visitors with our advanced products and operating procedures by means of modern interactive techniques.

A comprehensive example of Wavin Ekoplastik and Wavin product range is presented here on the 250 sq m of exhibition area. The items are presented either as static examples or in the form of practical demonstrations of selected products.  The exhibited items include, among others, a functional presentation of the Wavin QuickStream system for vacuum roof drainage, or a demonstration of the flexibility of Tegra inspection wells or functionality of the wells' swing neck. Another presentation carried out in a very clear and illustrative manner is the sample of the height and method of fill of individual pipe types.

The main product range of Wavin Ekoplastik, the Ekoplastik System, is presented here by a comprehensive assortment of products but also by a practical presentation of the expansion of individual pipe types (all-plastic, STABI PLUS, FIBER BASALT PLUS, PEX) on an installation of U bend compensator. The visitors can try polyfusion welding of large pipe diameters up to 125 mm dimension, or welding by electric welding machine with welding adapters.

Whoever is interested, whether they are investors, designers, representatives of building companies, wholesale companies or housing cooperatives, or students, may get a personal experience and familiarise themselves with the functioning and operation of the Wavin Ekoplastik systems and the quality of each product.

The training centre opens in June 2014 and it will be available to each applicant who makes an appointment. We also expect interest of foreign visitors.

The training centre, funded from Wavin Ekoplastik's own sources, offers an exceptionally interesting solution which presents the interconnections of the individual products in one, logically arranged space with a unique conception.

wavin ekoplastik

wavin ekoplastik