History in Brief

The tradition of processing of plastic materials in Ekoplastik dates back to 1990, when following the company foundation and market orientation, progressive technologies were selected and Ekoplastik started first steps to its history of plastic pipes manufacture for interior distribution systems in the Czech Republic.

The original building of Sales & Shipment Dept. at Měšice
The first manufacturing hall at Kostelec nad Labem

Today, the company name is connected, in the first place, with production of plastic pipes and fittings that are placed to the market under the brand System Ekoplastik. Ekoplastik is not only a pioneering company in the field of piping material development in the Czech Republic; some elements which we have developed brought significant benefits in the polypropylene piping sector even from the point of view of manufacturers with larger reputation and longer experience. This way, our achievements became challenging for competitors with their brands already well-established on the market Together with the intensive growth of production capacities, Ekoplastik thus could penetrate among the leading European companies in a record-breaking period of time.

Head office and production of fittings
Logistic centre and production of pipes in Horní Počernice
Warehouses in LC Horní Počernice

In November 2004 multination corporation Wavin entered Ekoplastik company.

In 2007 Wavin Ekoplastik opened new logistic centre in Horní Počernice (part of Prague).


Wavin was established in 1955. The Wavin Group is a leader in the European market for pipe systems, providing integrated and innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers.

Wavin N.V., headquartered in Zwolle, the Netherlands, is a major supplier of pipe system solutions. In 2006, the company had revenues of EUR 1.5 billion, and currently employs approximately 6,300 people. Wavin has a presence in 29 European countries and has a wide network of agents, licensees and distributors in the rest of the world.

It is our intention to exploit our experience in processing of plastic materials to the benefit and growth of the company as well as to increase the satisfaction of our customers.