1. How to order

1.1.Any customer will place the request for goods in a form of binding order. As our effort is aimed to complex order coverage and preparation of shipment, the customer will submit the order to the Supplier (by mail, fax) at least ten (10) calendar days (in case of supplies for clients abroad) or five (5) calendar days (for domestic clients) before the required date of shipment.
1.2.Any changes (in product range, quality) within an already submitted order may be required only by a client from abroad, no later than five days before the shipment date. After this deadline, the Supplier will accept the changes within his possibilities only.
1.3.The Supplier will process any received order in the working day following the delivery date and send to the customer the 'Advice of Goods Pickup'. If applicable, goods not available at the delivery date as well as delivery date in case of reordering may be also indicated in the 'Advice'.

2. Prices

2.1.Unless stated otherwise, quoted prices are ex Supplier's warehouse platform in standard packaging. All other costs (e.g. transportation, insurance costs, etc.) will be at the customer's expenses.
2.2.Unless stated otherwise, quoted prices do not include the value added tax (ex VAT).

3. Payment terms

3.1.Payments can be made either in cash or by a bank transfer to the bank account indicated in the tax deductible document (invoice), made no later than on the due date. Unless specified otherwise in the contract, the Supplier will consider the due date as the day when the amount due is credited to the bank account indicated in the tax deductible document (invoice).
3.2.In accordance with the Contract on Business Representation or Contract on Goods Supply, the Supplier will grant extraordinary payment terms – i.e. a discount possibility for accelerated payments. Please note that under the provisions of Czech Act No. 588/92 Coll. (as amended later), the discount has no influence to the VAT rate basis.
3.3.Until and unless paid in full, the goods remain the Supplier's property.

4. Delivery and pickup of the goods

4.1.Unless stated otherwise in writing, the place of delivery is the Supplier's warehouse platform.
4.2.In case of any customer's delay to pick up the goods, the Supplier will be entitled to store the goods assigned for delivery at customer's costs and risk.

5. Delivery checks and acceptance

5.1.Any customer or his/her duly authorized representative will be obliged to check, according to the delivery or packing bill, the consignment condition and, if applicable, to complain about obvious variations/defects according to the Claim Procedures.
5.2.Any claim/complaint raised by the customer will not make his/her duty to pay for the delivered goods invalid. It will not also constitute any ground for any postponement of the invoice due date.