New design, higher quality and safety in new packaging

Date: 14.10.2020
The company Wavin Czechia aims at better and more efficient solutions in the field of packaging materials. From October 2020, the packaging material (cardboard boxes) for fittings in the Ekoplastik system product line will be changed.

In the course of October this year, we are switching to a new packaging material for fittings in the System Ekoplastik product line. The packaging will be made of double-walled cardboard with a more durable ECT value of 8.1 KN/m. Higher safety during transport guarantees the resistance of the material even in the case of improper handling or falling. The environmentally friendly paper consumption is reduced: the packaging will be only in two sizes compared to the current eight. As part of this optimization, the maximum number of pieces in a small package will be limited to 20 pieces. Catalog and SAP codes remain the same.

Leaflet to download (PDF 249 kB)