Training center

In June 2014 a new training centre was opened in Kostelec nad Labem in the premises of Wavin Czechia.

A comprehensive overview of the Wavin product range is exhibited there on the area of 250 sqm. The products are either presented as static exhibits or in the form of practical demonstrations of selected products. The exhibited items include working presentation of the Wavin QuickStream system designed for siphonic roof drainage, a demonstration of the flexibility of Tegra inspection chambers, functionality of its integrated flexible socket. Furthemore, individual sewer pipe types are exhibited in their natural surrounding, including the depth and type of filling The leading product range of Wavin Czechia, the System Ekoplastic, is presented there not only by a comprehensive assortment overview, but also by a practical presentation demonstrating the expansivity of individual pipe types (all-plastic, Stabi Plus, FIBER BASALT PLUS) on a U-shaped compensator installation.

Training attendants can try polyfusion welding of large pipe diameters up to 125 mm dimension, or welding by an electric welding machine with welding adapters.

Whoever is interested, whether they are investors, designers, representatives of building companies, wholesale companies, housing cooperatives or students, may get a personal experience and familiarise themselves with the functioning and operation of the Wavin systems and an overall idea of the quality and the added value of each product.

The so-called webinars are newly held in the training centre. A webinar is a workshop (training) led by modern technology directly from the training centre but the attendants watch it from the comfort of their own office via internet connection.

Main areas of trainings and webinars:

  • Wavin Company News (Basalt Fiber Plus, Stabi Plus, Basalt Klima) - time approx. 40 min.
  • Proper installation of Wavin Ekoplastik (distance support, pipe fixing, solutions of compensations, how to use our ruller) - time approx 40 min.
  • Wavin Ekoplastik warranty (10 years warranty certificate, pressure test) - time approx 20-30 min.
  • Welding of Ekoplastik system – technology of polyfusion welding (process and errors during welding)
    a) with a practical demonstration of welding of small diameter up to 40 mm - time approx 40 min.
    b) with a demonstration of welding of large diameter up to 125 mm - time approx 20 min.
  • Welding saddles - theory and practice - time approx 45 min.
  • Repair Kit - theory and practice of perforated tube repair in the wall - time approx 40 min.
  • Electrofusion welding with couplers - theory and practice - time approx 40 min.

Standard trainings are also held in the training centre. If required, training can be expanded by an excursion in the production of fittings in Kostelec nad Labem.

If the client requests so, we can organize even a VIP training with an accompanying programme.

If you are interested in the training please contact your supplier of the WAVIN Ekoplastik products, or contact us directly at

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