Why Ekoplastik

Do you have to choose a material for plumbing or heating? Discover the advantages and benefits of pipes and fittings of the Ekoplastik System. Get to know our production quality and compare it with other manufacturers' based on the Ten Basic Rules of water mains and heating design principles.


The Ekoplastik company was founded in 1990 and pioneered the development of plastic pipe systems and their implementation in the Czech Republic. Since the merger of two renowned companies - a Czech manufacturer Ekoplastik and the international producer Wavin in 2004, Wavin Ekoplastik has become one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipe systems in Europe. Wavin Group comprises 40 enterprises in 29 European countries, which employ more than 6300 employees. Wavin Ekoplastik products are available in 54 countries all over the world.

Innovation and modern technologies

Wavin Ekoplastik has accumulated extensive experience in developing and introducing new products to the market. In its field the company is known for its innovative solutions, as demonstrated by the unique FIBER BASALT PLUS pipe system made of PP-RCT and reinforced with basalt fiber. Within one year, FIBER BASALT PLUS has established a leading position in the market and became the best selling and most popular item in the plastic pipe catalogue. Another gem among the high-end all-plastic pipes is the EVO pipe made of PP-RCT. Our fittings keep the pace as well. The Wavin Ekoplastik designers have developed their own comprehensive system of fittings for gypsum board, repair kit for drilled-through pipes, or a complete set of welding-saddles for saving branches. Wavin Ekoplastik actively cooperates with development engineers and raw material producers in order to boost innovation and our product portfolio.

Product range

The extensive and comprehensive product range of Wavin Ekoplastik includes unique PP-R fittings. Production is constantly expanded with new types of fittings in different colors. Our existing is also continuously enhanced with new products and new materials. We pride ourselves on delivering consistently high quality and best features possible.

Quality of materials

Having high-quality raw materials is crucial if one wants to produce quality pipes, so Wavin Ekoplastik works with leading European suppliers to ensure consistently excellent materials. For multilayer pipes, we use the new generation of PP-RCT polypropylene, type 4 is used.

Quality control

Verification of product quality must be in line with the highest European standards. In our research and manufacturing we use the most advanced European technologies and the latest testing equipment. Wavin Ekoplastik also has its own high-class laboratories and many of our tests are even stricter than the established standards.


All products of Wavin Ekoplastik are subject to certification. Ekoplastik is certified in accordance with the requirements, rules and laws of all countries involved. Certification of the Ekoplastik System pipes and fittings means regular product testing by an accredited certification center and by the manufacturer itself. Wavin Ekoplastik products meet the demanding requirements of certification bodies in Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. Current certificates can be found here.

Financial savings

Top quality products guarantee long and hassle-free operation. Ekoplastik System pipes and fittings have demonstrated very low operating costs over the duration of their service life, which is the result of innovation, modern manufacturing technology, and strict quality control. For example, when installing the Ekoplastik water supply and heating systems in an apartment building with 40 apartments, you can expect up to 17% savings on water and up to 14% savings on heating costs.

Technical support

Technical consulting and training is provided by a group of Wavin Ekoplastik specialists, who are eager to help in solving technical issues and organise training for individuals and groups in the modern Wavin Academy training center. The training center is equipped with the latest technologies and features both a static and practical showroom devoted to our products. Technical and sales trainings focused on innovations of the product portfolio can be held with our end customers.


For standard products such as Ekoplastik System pipelines, installed pipes, and fittings the manufacturer provides a 10 years warranty. Ekoplastik System is also covered by the classic certificate that concerns guarantees and damage liability. A full warranty on a building or construction can be obtained by filing the registration form, which insures a customer's new water and heating installation. The customer then receives a personal certificate for a specific construction facility with a ten-year warranty. The Wavin Ekoplastik company assumes all related risks.

Marketing support

In order to effectively support sales activities, Wavin Ekoplastik offers a wide range of marketing materials such as catalogs, installation manuals, technical data sheets, posters, panels with physical samples, or promotional and gift items. Wavin Ekoplastik provides plumbers and installers with a unique slide rule for calculating compensation, which is а part of the newly developed mobile Ekoplastik SmartApp, and they can use this handy tool together with their mobile phone or а tablet when working. The Designer Zone has a link that lets you download modern design software and 3D models completely for free.