New PP-RCT pipe fitting

Date: 18.1.2019

Utilisation of modern technology brings innovations = transition from PPR to PP-RCT. Based on this development and new knowledge, Wavin Ekoplastik introduces gradual transition from PPR to PP-RCT even when making pipe fittings.

The transition is and will be gradual

  1. Now:                    Pipe fittings PP-RCT ∅ 75, 90, 110, 125, 160, 200, 250 mm
  2. November 2019:  All pipe fittings PP-RCT ∅ 63 mm
  3. February 2020:    All pipe fittings PP-RCT ∅ 50 mm
                                (all plastic PPR fittings completely replaced)

PP-RCT Pipe Fitting Advantages

  • pipe fittings of the highest quality made of new generation material – PP-RCT, type 4
  • higher pressure resistance at higher temperatures
  • lower weight of the final product
  • less robust installation

Less robust and yet more durable

Production plan / Transition plan

For a complete overview of PP-RCT fittings, see the leaflet below. The leaflet also serves as a simple overview of original products and their replacement in new designs. This overview is also complemented by new products that expand our product range.