Notification of the change of the company name

Date: 4.12.2019

We herewith announce that the business name of company Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o. will change as of 01.01.20. From that date, the company shall use new name:

Wavin Czechia s.r.o.

The products of System Ekoplastik will be still marked with the original label Wavin Ekoplastik. The change of the company name will have no effect on the existing quality and technical parameters of the products.

Data without change
Address, ID, Tax ID, telephone and e-mail contacts, bank details remain unchanged. New company name has no effect on the contracts and obligations between you and Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o. Formerly concluded contracts remain valid.

From 01.01.20, new business correspondence, orders, invoices, delivery sheets, new contracts, and changes to the existing contracts between you and our company must be completed under the new business name Wavin Czechia s.r.o.

We herewith request that our partners record the change in their registry systems and use solely the business name Wavin Czechia s.r.o. for the communication with our company.